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:iconnicodrawn: :iconnicodrawn: :iconnicodrawn: :iconnicodrawn: :iconnicodrawn:

UPDATE 1/21/16:
hello again! thought i'd pop in once more since i still have so many watchers here that my NEW account is 
:iconnicodrawn: !! hopefully i'll see you there!

UPDATE 5/12/15:
i won't be deleting this account fully, i think -- too many memories! -- but today is the LAST TIME i'll be checking in on this account! please follow me on my new one, :iconnicodrawn: !! hope to see you there!


i'm not going to go into it much, but long story short: 

a bunch of personal shit went down in the past -- half year or so, maybe? i'm not sure when i last logged in.
i went through a lot of things and had a few fucked up near breakdowns. i panicked, and shut myself off from a lot of social media aside from tumblr, pretty much.

i slowly trickled back onto dA and furaffinity, but made a new dA account because the sheer quantity of messages and just shit that i had stockpiled on this account was giving me SO MUCH anxiety. because i have HORRIBLE COPING MECHANISMS, my plan was to avoid it. ugh.

i'd really like to apologize for that. it was a shitty, immature move to just up and ditch like that, and while i know my mental health comes first, it doesn't make me feel any less bad for leaving you guys in the dust.

SO! here i am not, publically posting a link to my new account!

:iconnicodrawn: :iconnicodrawn: :iconnicodrawn:

if you'd like to keep watching my art, stay in touch, just say hi...go right ahead!

if you need to get in contact with me for any professional reason (commissions, etc), please email me at i don't think i have any waiting commissioners on here whom i haven't already contacted (notes are weird sometimes?? ???), but on the off chance there ARE, i want to make sure you all have the best means of contacting me as possible! feel free to note me on my new acc as well!

** I'LL BE KEEPING THIS ACCOUNT OPEN FOR ONE MONTH BEFORE DEACTIVATING IT. if you wanna watch me still, please jot down my new username before then, cus after that this acc is GONE.

I WILL NOT BE ANSWERING ANY NOTES OR COMMENTS ON THIS ACCOUNT. ant of those should be sent to my NEW ACCOUNT! :iconnicodrawn: **

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Happy Birthday once again, beloved artist~!
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Your gallery is adorable C:
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How are your commissions coming along from Fanime?
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they're coming along! :> working on them inbetween online commissions and schoolwork.
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